"The pleasures of the table are for every man, of every land... no matter of what place in history or society..." -Brillat-Savarin


# 348.
Admittedly, I probably wouldn’t have plated it like this, but in the interest of time and stack-ability, it kind if had to go this way. BUT, it still looked and tasted delicious :)

Finally out of osso bucco hell, happy it’s over and extremely #proud of the result.

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Hot and ready to plate! Almost out of #ossobucco hell! 29 hotel pans x 12 portions each = 348 pieces


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Two days later, 332 pieces of Osso bucco seared, braised, drained, sampled and approved by the #chef (s) can’t say I’m not glad it’s over, but I’m proud as hell cause it is delicious and it was #totallyworthit.

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"Ciana’s osso buco hell, but just leave it to the girls to make some awesome food🔪😁 @clutch4786"

Good graphic to have whether you are a home cook or a professional!


Would you know what to do if a grease fire started?

Whether you are at home cooking for your family or work in a kitchen like me, it is so important to know what to do in an emergency situation.

Two people that I know have been severely injured in grease fires in their homes. The real tragedy is that all of their injuries were 100 percent preventable.

I want to take a second here to make one slightly political statement… You can go ahead and skip to the [ end ] if you don’t want to hear it.

[ here’s the thing. if school funding hadn’t been cut home economics programs wouldn’t have been eliminated … If we had taught simple things like how to contain simple household fires as part of a regular curriculum these two people wouldn’t have ended up with debilitating injuries.

I’m so curious what the statistics would say if you measured number of household grease fire injuries in our parents generation versus in our generation. [ end rant]

Grease fires can happen to anyone at any time. There is a very fine line between hot oil and flaming oil. The difference between the 100 oil fires I have experienced and the fires my (Facebook) friends have experienced is knowledge of how to respond.

So, I ask again - would you know what to do if a grease fire started in your home?

Here are some simple tips to keep you safe in the event that a grease fire does start:

1. Cover it. Put the lid on the pot. This suffocates the fire and puts it out.

2. Pour salt on it. (This is only really effective if you are sautéing or very shallow frying. Deep oil won’t go out with just salt)

3. Put baking soda on it. (Again, this is only effective in shallow oil)

4. Use a fire extinguisher (but only if you are trained to do so, because you could make the fire worse if you do it wrong or use the wrong kind of extinguisher)

5. Just leave the pan and get out of the house. Call 9-1-1. Whatever is in there is not worth your life.

Something you should absolutely NOT do is pour water on the fire!!!! This will only make things worse and can actually lead to a small explosion under the right conditions.

You should also NOT try to pick up the pan and move it. Just because it is now on fire doesn’t mean the oil is all of a sudden solid - sloshing oil equals sloshing flames. Common sense rules in the event of a fire - if you don’t know what do do, just call 9-1-1.

I love it when it’s slow at work and my buddy Welon shows me how to do wild things like carve vegetables and melons or make this giant linguine ball :)

Highlight of my week!


Siiiick!! First time I’ve ever seen work shoes MEANT for #chefs 👍 gonna cop their half-cabs tomorrow #cheflife #kitchenwear #shoes #Mozo (at Beck’s Shoes)

Want. No, need. NOW



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My girlfriend posts about my food more than I do…